New Research Reveals Women are Paid Much Less in Ecommerce Roles


New research has revealed that women are not earning as much as their male counterparts in the ecommerce industry. In fact, the study found that women are paid significantly less.

According to ecommerce and digital recruitment agency, Cranberry Panda, the average salary for men per annum is £60,606, while women earn an average of £46,564. This survey included male and female employees across UK’s ecommerce and retail industry, from assistants, directors and vice presidents to owners and partners.

Jonathan Hall, founder and CEO of Cranberry Panda, shared his thoughts on the issue: “The gender pay gap has certainly been very topical of late, in all sectors. We expected to see some evidence of a pay gap across the ecommerce industry, however we didn’t expect to find such disparity in salary.

The purpose of this study was to reveal ecommerce industry salary trends and challenges. One of the main issues it ended up revealing was disparity in gender and roles; the most significant pay gap it discovered was at board level. At that point, men earn an average of 36% more than women.

Hall commented further that, “The salary gap across different levels of seniority within the e-commerce industry shows just how prominent this issue is.”

Other key findings include:

  • 57% of men on average earn over £45,000 compared to 39% of women.
  • Of those who are paid overtime, 68% were male and 32% female.
  • London is the UK’s hub for ecommerce jobs with 62.1% of respondents working in the capital.
  • A third (33%) of all respondents worked in a company with over 1000 employees. 58% of these respondents work in ecommerce teams of between one and 50.

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